Experience Paris to Venice All in Las Vegas Nevada

If you are looking to experience the buzz of New York, the wonders of Ancient Egypt, the romance of Paris and the beauty of Venice all in one day, then include a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada on your destination hit list.

Las Vegas, or The Meadows as it translates, so called because it’s built on a fertile valley, continues to flourish today in a different way. Once you pass the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” neon sign designed by Betty Willis you know you’re in for something special and you can feel all your worries and problems slowly dissipate into the dessert air.

With its trademark byline “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” this city has entertainment and accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes. Whether you seek a variety show, a taste of the arts, comedy, or shopping; fabulous dining, a touch of magic, a pool party or trying your luck at one of the casinos, you’re sure to find something to tempt.

Top end extravaganza can be found in the towers of Encore and Wynn Las Vegas, The Four Seasons and The Tuscan inspired Bellagio, but at a price. If it’s themed your after, check out Caesars Palace in all its Roman glory, big top fun at Circus Circus, the sphinx and the 30 story high pyramid at Luxor or a gondola ride down the canals of The Venetian.

And the choice in Vegas is far greater than it’s fantastical and famous. The more down to earth tastes in accommodation can be catered for with a wide choice of non gambling hotels, motels, RV parks and camping stays, both “strip” or “off strip”.

Serviced by McCarran International Airport (ranked among the 12 busiest airports in the world) and the Interstate 15, Vegas will welcome you whether you arrive by air or road. As Elvis Presley sang in Viva Los Vegas “If you see it once, you’ll never be the same again”.

Saying Goodbye to the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas

Luck is not always on my side when I visit Las Vegas, Nevada. This past trip it was. You see, this year I happened to be in Sin City for the last days of the Legendary Stardust Resort and Casino.

When I arrived for a six-day stint at the end of October 2006, the last thing on my mind was visiting the Stardust. I was in town for the Vegoose music festival and my schedule was packed with days and nights of live music. In my down time, I planned to recover by the pool, hit the tables at the Tropicana, make time for a trip to the Stage Deli and possibly have a steak at the Palm Restaurant.

However when I heard the news about this legendary casino’s demise, I knew I had to have one last drink and place one last bet before its doors closed November 1st, 2006. While I was not around or alive when the Stardust opened its doors July 2nd, 1958, it was there where I placed my first legal sports bet.

When I returned for my last visit to the Race and Sports Book, memories of munching on a cheap deli hot dog, drinking draft beer from a clear plastic cup and watching March Madness on multiple screens flooded my brain. On this day however there would be no parlay cards or money-line wagering as sports and horse racing lines were replaced by neon lights that glowed with a simple message that read “Thanks.”

You see that is the kind of place the Stardust Resort and Casino was. Unlike the newer, ritzier casinos that tower over Las Vegas Boulevard, this casino was like an old friend to its patrons. It did not just give players free drinks or comps on breakfast. This casino and its employees got to know its visitors and with the warmth of an old-friend’s smile always made them feel at home and genuinely appreciated their patronage.

Walking around the casino for the last time, this kinship was unmistakable. A genuine sorrow hung in the air. Gamblers at blackjack tables weren’t as concerned about doubling down as they were about their dealer’s next job and paycheck. Cocktail waitresses smiled and hugged long-time patrons thanking them for years of generosity. Even the normally stone-faced pit bosses got in the act chit-chatting with folks they once watched with suspicious eyes guarding for foul play.

In the end, I snapped pictures where once a camera would never be allowed. I grabbed up Stardust matchbooks to hold on to for years to come. As I walked out the door for the last time, I said my own “Thanks” to the Stardust. And I thought to myself how this place that was built for a mere ten million dollars surely paid out at least one hundred million dollars worth of memories.

Argentina Hotels

Argentina is a republic in southern South America, a beautiful region with vast plains and deserts, thundering glaciers and some of the greatest waterfalls on earth. For tourists, Argentina offers thousands of premier hotels.

Argentina hotels are excellent accommodation facilities located in and around several tourist destinations, cities and areas in Argentina. One can choose from a wide range of small boutique style hotels, discount hotels, resorts and villas, or expensive luxury hotels. The luxury hotels in Argentina have state-of-the-art accommodation facilities with buffet breakfast, personal butler services, meeting rooms, swimming pools, health clubs, private parking, room service, bars, restaurants, and other amenities. Recreation facilities such as tennis courts and game room are also available at all hotels.

Some hotels are located very close to the downtown areas and others are far from metropolitan areas. Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city of Argentina, houses many expensive resorts and budget hotels. The hotels located close to the waterfalls, mainly at Iguazu Falls, are ideal destinations for nature enthusiasts. Many budget hotels are located on the southern tip of Argentina.

To get hotel rooms of your choice, you must reserve them before your journey. The best option is online hotel reservations that allow you to select and book a hotel and receives an instant confirmation for your hotel reservation. Some travel agencies offer up to 80% discount on hotel reservations with travel coupons.

Alvear Palace Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Sheraton Libertador, Caridge Hotel, Nahuel Huapi Hotel, and Nevada Hotel are some prominent accommodations. The price rate for each hotel varies. The room rates may change during the peak seasons. You can reserve a standard room at a minimum rate of $100 and an executive suite for around $600. Most hotels accept MasterCard, American Express and Traveler?s Checks.

Where to Find the Best Las Vegas Nevada Hotels at Half Price

Anyone who has ever heard of Las Vegas knows it as a gamblers paradise, or the place where couples go to get stylishly married in a hurry. Whatever images this city brings up in your mind, Vegas is an amazingly vibrant place which started from the entrepreneurial dreams of a few to become one of the worlds most popular tourist locations. There is something here for everyone, whether you want to hit the card tables, try your luck on the slot machines, stop into a beautifully choreographed show or take a day trip to the Hoover dam. Most of the visitors to Las Vegas aim to find accommodation on or around the main drag, which is home to most of the casinos and luxury 5 stars and up hotels.

Booking Las Vegas Nevada hotels can be difficult and expensive if you don’t know where to look; you might want to do a little online research before you go. Due to the areas 24 hour style hotels tend to be booked full through out the year, depending on which one you go for. Most first time visitors go for the larger casino/hotels and are shocked by the asking price of the rooms there, but if you search around the many streets coming off the main strip you’ll be able to find a few of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas. There are a number of 3 – 4 star hotels on Fremont Street or some of the others in that vicinity, these usually have decent rooms, in house casinos, restaurants, shops and nice size swimming pools; every thing you need for a wonderful holiday break. The best thing about these lower priced places is that compared with the other Las Vegas Nevada hotels located on the strip, they have both a lower price on rooms and to get to the main casinos and attractions you only need to walk a few yards.

If you’re new to the area then finding a good selection of discount Las Vegas hotels can be frustrating, especially if you don’ know where to start looking. To help you along here are 3 amazing deals on quality hotels that are within walking distance from the main boulevard.

(a) Las Vegas Club and Casino – This is another of the better cheap hotels in Las Vegas, and located right next to the main strip, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better. The Las Vegas club and casino is actually at the opening to the Fremont street experiment, which is the special shopping walk way with an animated ceiling. You’ll find this hotel has all of the standard features included in other hotels and a well equipped 24 hour casino where you can while away your sleepless nights.

(b) Terribles Hotel and Casino – Unlike its name this hotel is probably in the most ideal location of the 3, resting just off the main strip you are basically within a few feet of all the action. Rooms start from a fantastically low $29 making it a very cheap Las Vegas hotel offer, especially for its location. They offer all guests a 24 hour airport shuttle bus to ease worries about transport to and from the hotel. They have spared no expense on the interior of the rooms and all include a 42 – inch plasma screen TV, with a long list of films to keep you interested; kids also have a choice of Nintendo games to keep them occupied while you hit the town.

(c) El Cortez Hotel and Casino – This particular hotel is an unknown gem, it is located within a couple of meters from the main boulevard and is basically right next to the large pedestrian shopping mall area, with the animated ceiling. Rooms with a large range of features this has to be one of the best discount hotels Las Vegas has to offer. Just 7 miles from the nearest airport, the hotel has everything that you would expect from Vegas style accommodation; there is also an in house casino boasting 1100 wall to wall slot machines, sports betting facilities, keno and 11 gaming tables to suit your desire. To keep you filled up while making the most of your visit there are a range of restaurants, snack stores and dessert shops inside the hotel; this includes a flame grill steak house and Dryers ice cream hut.